‘In My Place’ is out now!

It took us a while, but we’re excited to announce that our debut single is finally out there in the world, for you to listen to, enjoy, share with your friends, and provide a soundtrack to some of your memories. The writing process for this track started in 2019, and the evolution and progress we went through alongside the track in that time period is immense. Thank you for supporting us, we hope you can find a story that is worthwhile for you within the song. Lots of love, Maximilian and Hannah

Stream on your streaming service of choice here: linktr.ee/teardecline


102 seconds of random rehearsal footage

hello everyone –

you’d think we disappeared off the face of the earth, but we’re still here, promise! in the past few weeks we’ve been preparing for a few concerts and gigs, and we recorded a few snippets of our rehearsals and jam sessions, which you can see in our new video. we hope it is good fun (especially the dork version of a thousand years by christina perri) and hope to see you soon.

here are 102 seconds of random rehearsal footage, and for now we wish you all the best,


m and h